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Terms and Conditions for Referrals

A referral is defined as one paying customer sending us another paying customer. A referral is not paid if the individual or company you refer has an outstanding balance (i.e. doesn't pay) Referrals must be submitted prior to service being completed except where the new customer tells our office they were referred to us by X - prior to work completion. Please allow 2-6 weeks after completion of work for payment to be sent. Referral amount is 10% of Labor charges - up to $25 per customer. Said Customer must receive and pay for our services or products. Max payouts are defined as noted; however, multiple referrals receive bonuses.

Graph for individual referrals only. 
Customer Joe Labor Charged Amount Paid to You Date Service Complete Date Paid
Chandler 250 25 1-Jun 15-Jul
Phoebe 300 25 16-Jun 15-Jul
Janice 150 15 29-Jun 15-Jul

Note: If job is completed in one calendar month - you will be paid the following month on the 15th. $25 Bonus paid for each additional referral (2 or more) in one calendar month. In the example above, Joe referred 3 customers in June that purchased our services - he received a check for $115 on July 15. $25 for each referral more than 1 (2 in this case) so a $50 bonus plus 10% of the labor charged (capped at $25) Note: Only Labor is used to calculate affiliate payments.

Corporate referrals accrue credits for free service.
Company A Labor Charged Credits you Receive Date Service Compled
Monica $50 - $499 1 14-Jun
Rachael $50 - $499 1 15-Jun
Ross $500-$999 2 18-Jun
Joey Over $1000 4 22-Jun

In Warranty repairs do not generate credits toward a free repair.

As of June 18, you received 4 credits and have earned your first free future service call. As of June 22, you referred 1 customer but earned 4 credits and have earned a 2nd free future service call.  Free service call is defined as a repair completed on one customer with no labor charges being presented to dealer (Each Service Call includes up to 2 site visits and 8 hours labor).


MySpaGuy waives its right to factory "In Warranty" payment on Free Service Call offer for any eligible repair that qualifies for reimbursement from manufacturer.  Which means, you the dealer, can get paid for merely referring customers to us!


A W-9 is required when payout exceeds $600.

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