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5 stars

Reviewer: DJ

Headline: There is no one that knows spas better than these people!

Posted: 5/20/2009

" We have a Catalina that we purchased here in Charleston. [The dealer] has come out 8 times to fix something that we feel should have been under warranty. The spa never once worked right! We paid him nearly $8,000 for the spa and close to $2000 for service - trying to get it working. After a dozen lies and false promises we decided to call MySpaGuy. David didn't talk bad about [the other dealer] - he just said he would do his best. 20 minutes after arriving and $229 and it was resolved. This was two months ago and No problems since."



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Easy to work with and when all things were said and done - very affordable.

E.L. - Summerville

The rental hottub took nearly 50 hours to heat up but David was so nice, he even drove out to double check everything and was just a text message away all weekend. We had a blast over Christmas. Thanks for everything!

N.K. - Folly Beach

Amazing, I purchased a spa from a Coast Spa in North Carolina. No one would help - not even the manufacturer. Although coast refused to warranty the pump Mr. Martin handled the repairs quickly and efficiently. Thanks for my tub back.

J.H. - Charleston

  I never thought I would get the [chemicals in my] water in my hot tub right - but David was patient enough to teach me.  Now it is a breeze. 

B.J. - Hanahan

They worked around my schedule and were there when they said they would.  I cant believe how quick they were.  It was up and running within 20 minutes. I wish I had called them first.

 R.M. - Hanahan

I always had a bad taste in my mouth about the dealer until we were introduced to My Spa Guys - they are awesome and made me feel great about my choice. 

J.P. Mt. Pleasant

I expected empty promises (like I got from the dealer) but just the opposite - great things happened and in record time. Best two hundred bucks I ever spent.

Anon. St. George

Extremely professional and polite. Could not have had nicer people.  Fixed the issues my husband spent a week trying to fix in less than an hour.

C.M. J.Island

We couldnt find anyone to fix our hottub.  My spa guy drove and resolved the issue within 20 minutes.  These guys are awesome.

A.N. M.Beach

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