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    Virginia and North Carolina

    We fix all Brands!
    "Recognized as Consistently dependable in the SouthEast."

    What good is a Warranty if they won't return calls? MySpaGuy responds to all enails, Text Messages and phone messages wihtin 8 business hours!

    Over 20 years experience in Hot Tub, Sauna & Spa Repair


    Great Warranty Service

     Posted by NASON


     These guys are Awesome! I called the manufacturer on Friday and was in my spa on Monday. David was very helpful. Their prices are very fair. I have no complaints. Thanks Dave, I highly recommend you! Thanks, Gil Nason

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      Service Maps


      Charleston SC and Surrounding


      Charleston sc and Surrounding


      Columbia,  Lexington SC and Surrounding


      Columbia and Surrounding Area


      Asheville NC &

      Greenville SC


      ASheville, Greenville, and Surrouding 

      Statesville NC Hickory NC Gastonia NC Morganton NC



      Union Hall Virginia and surrounding Smith Mountain Lake VA


       Smith mountain lake and union hall va

      Winston Salem NC to Virginia Line

      There may be additional fees for areas outside of these service areas but not significant, just enough to cover our costs incurred in going out there. Since our trucks are stocked with most commonly replaced parts, we can typically complete repairs within one trip.

    Please visit our store to complete your order

    myspaguy store

    or if you prefer, print this linked form and fax it to 888-697-7248 Cover Order Form

    Why Buy Spa Covers From MySpaGuy?

    • Covers are manufactured with "Secure locks" with keys.
    • Covers have heat seals at the hinge for added insulation.
    • Covers are manufactured with TRUE SIZED insulation which is 45.8% more insulation used than other cover manufacturers. (Ask them.... if you used a ruler, and measured only the foam ... would you measure a true 4" ?.... their salespeople will go into this pitch comparing it to lumber from Lowes and how a 2x4 isn't a true 4" wide either)
    • Our Vinyl ( Spa Hyde® ) is specially formulated for spa cover use.
    • Over 18 Years of experience in spa covers to help us meet any need.
    • Friendly Toll Free customer service at 888-697-7248
    Our covers are UL ® approved safety covers.

    Cover Thickness and Foam Density
    4" - 2" Tapered - 1.0 lb foam 1 Year Warranty
    5" - 3" Tapered - 2.0 lb foam 2 Year Warranty
    6" - 4" Tapered - 2.0 lb foam 3 Year Warranty
     4" - 2" FRP Walk On - 2.0 lb Fiber Reinforced 5 Year Warranty


    Find Your Spa Shape

    Rectangle w/ Radius Corners

    Unsure How to measure
    corner radius?

    How To Measure


    Rectangle w/Cut Off Corners

    **be sure to measure the full length & width for a & b, (Measure near middle of Spa). c is the diagonal measurement.


     (MEASURE PERIMETER) All sides should be the same.


    1 Cut Off Corner

    If corners are rounded, provide radius as letter f.

    2 Cut Off Corners

    If corners are rounded, provide radius as letter g.


    Measure corner to corner for a & b. Measure middle to middle for c & d.

    Cover Measurements (See pictures above)
    Please provide all measurements in inches. When measuring your hot tub, it is best for 2 people to measure to make sure you are measuring to outside edge of where you want the cover. It is not recommended to take measurements solely from your existing cover. In fact we recommend you measure the cover and the spa and use the larger number if they are within an inch. If there is more than an inch difference in your measurements, you may have made an error and we would ask you to email us a picture and call so we can go over measurements with you.

    Cover Fold Direction
    Cover will fold Vertically as illustrated by the line in the above diagrams (be sure your measurements correspond if you want your cover to open in a certain direction). Do You want to Fold your Cover vertically (as in pictures) or horizontally (the opposite direction as the pictures) Cover Fold Example

    How to measure the corner radius on rounded corner hot tubs

    Use a square on the corner of your hot tub. You want to measure from the inside corner of the square - to where the square touches the edge of the hot tub.

    It is important that you don't order your cover too small, but it is perfectly fine to be a little big. For example, if you are not sure if the radius is 7 inches or 6.75 inches - round down to 6.5" . By using the smaller measurement, less of the corner will be cut off and this will result in a larger cover.

    If you have any questions about how to measure your cover, please watch the video.
    If that doesn't help, contact us by phone or email and we will be happy to help!

    Designer Colors

    Beach                          Black                                 Blue

    Cranberry                   Forest Green                        Gray

    Navy                           Red                                  Slate

    Tan                           Teak                                Teal



    All Spa Covers are constructed with vinyl especially formulated for spa cover use


    • ( Spa Hyde® ) Especially Formulated for Spa Covers
    • Fire retardant
    • Mildew and Chlorine Resistant
    • UV Stabilized For 1000 Hours On Weatherometer
    • Bottom Vinyl Is Chlorine and Bromine Resistant
    • - 40F cold crack
    • Covers are sewn with 100% polyester thread


    • 100% Nylon Zippers
    • Handles and Straps double "X" Stitched For Strength
    • 4- Secure Locks With Key On Each Cover
    • Heat Seals Between Halves to Prevent Heat Loss
    • 100% Coated Polyester Thread
    • Handles, Straps, and Hinges Are Reinforced With Extra Material
    • Safety warning labels are attached to all covers
    • All Bi-fold spa covers are classified manual safety covers by Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. ® in accordance with ASTM F 1346-91 95SJ
    • Handles, straps, and hinge reinforced with extra material


    • Reinforced With Aluminum "C" Channel
    • All covers are tapered for rain runoff
    • "R" Value Of 20 on 4"-2" covers

    Fibre Reinforced Plastic

    • Sanders Industries Fibre Reinforced Plastic (FRP) cover appears like our other covers in the fact that it is covered in a vinyl skin that is available in your choice of colors. The inside however is quite different. The panels are polystyrene that have been laminated with Fibre Reinforced Plastic sheeting to provide incredible strength and a protective layer against water absorption.
    • Sanders Industries FRP Spa Cover has a full five year warranty against breakage or water absorption (Skin appearance pro-rated after 2 years)
    • Sanders Industries Warrantees that any person up to 300 pounds can WALK on this cover and it will not break


      E-mail is the best way to contact us. We receive e-mail instantly and respond as quickly as possible.

      If you have a question about an order, please make sure your e-mail includes your name and order number.


      Sanders Industries, Inc. of Tupelo, Mississippi has been manufacturing spa covers for over 20 years. Sanders is the oldest spa cover manufacturer in the East with 32 years of vinyl experience.


      All Spa covers come with up to a 5 Year Limited Warranty.


      You can order online anytime or by calling 1-888-MySpaGuy - Monday through Friday 8:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m. We accept MasterCard and Visa through our secure server. Credit Card payments are handled safely and securely.

      Your credit card will be charged approximately 5-9 days prior to shipping. Your Order's Status will remain "Pending" until the credit card is charged. At that time the status will change to "Paid". You can track your Order Status, or review your Order History by logging on to our online store. PAYMENT

      All prices are quoted in US Dollars. Your order will be finalized when payment has been received and confirmed. We offer two forms of payment, namely Credit Cards and Google Checkout.

      Your order will be finalized when payment has been received.


      You will receive a receipt/confirmation of your order via e-mail. Please check it to be sure your order is accurate. If you wish to make changes, please notify us within 48 hours.

      Since we do not inventory covers, all of our covers are custom made to order. Once production begins, we are making a cover specifically for you. For this reason, your credit card is charged when you place your order. You can change or cancel your order up to three business days after you place it. We cannot cancel or make changes to your cover order once it is in production. Spa covers are therefore not a refundable purchase.

      Spa covers are currently averaging approximately 3 to 4 weeks from the time you order to the time your cover is shipped (if we are delivering to a rural area please add an extra 2 - 3 days). Delivery time can vary depending on your location, weather conditions and holidays.


      Spa covers are shipped via common carrier to any commercial business address in most major cities in the contiguous 48 states. There is a small additional surcharge for shipping to a residence. There is also an additional charge for delivery to churches, schools, rural businesses and government buildings.

      You should provide your e-mail address and at least 2 phone numbers so the shipping company can contact you to coordinate delivery. Normal delivery time frame is Monday through Friday during regular business hours. Evening and Weekend delivery is available for additional amount in some cases.

      Please provide accurate shipping details so we can provide an accurate quote. Shipping Surcharges apply to certain locales.


      We recommend that you are present when the cover is delivered. The packaging exterior needs to be inspected for any damage. If damaged, please refuse the cover and contact us via e-mail so we can start processing the claim. DO NOT OPEN WITH SHARP OBJECT!

      If cover is not inspected and is signed for and accepted, regardless if the damage is hidden or not, you will have to place the claim directly with the carrier.

      Returns will be accepted for covers damaged due to shipment, when noted on the Bill of Lading. We also accept returns for defects and production mistakes. Additionally, we accept returns as outlined in the warranty statement. Please notify us of all issues within 48 hours of receiving your cover. We cannot accept returns for any other reason - Example: You provided inaccurate measurements. The color doesn't quite match the exterior of your home, etc.


      1.  Measure Spa: Measure Spa, "not old cover".  Go from outer lip of tub, down the center, to the other side of outer lip.  Length and width by inches.

      2.  Cut Corners: Measure the length of the 45 degree angle.

      Rounded Corners: Measure the radius using a carpenters square or place a squared box over the curved portion of the cover and measure. (This is the opposite or invert of the diagram above.) 

      4.  Hinge: Based on the longest width of the cover when compared to the shortest, which way should the cover hinge?

      Long HingeShort Hinge


      • If you know spa brand/model and year please fill in this information. Due to inaccurate information from some manufacturers, we have stopped accepting orders with only this information; however, we will compare your measurements to that from the manufacturer and if different, will contact you.  If your spa has lip mounted air controls, buttons, or a handrail, etc. , which will interfere with the spa cover fit please ask for a cut-out guide.  Baja, Catalina, Coast, L.A. Spas, Heldor, Jacuzzi, Leisure Bay,  and  other  spa  manufacturers  have special cutouts for  stereo  speakers,  waterfalls,  handrails,  control  humps,  etc.   For  a  shell  fit  spa  cover,  measure  from  outside  acrylic  lip  to  outside  acrylic  lip.  Shell  fit  is  how  the  majority  of  spa covers are ordered (see illustration area).  If you prefer a cabinet fit spa cover, measure from outside wood lip to outside wood lip (see illustration).  Always give dimensions in inches (EX: 69" x 89 1/2").
      • Skirt/Flap:  Order the skirt in even inches only (4 is Standard).
      • Lock Down Straps:  UL Classified spa covers are required to have four lock down straps without exception.  Two straps will be equally spaced on each handle end.  You may move or add straps on the shape drawing with an X for location and measurement from the corner or hinge (over 4 lock downs will add cost).
      • Hinge Fold:  Most bi-fold spa covers' hinge length will be the shortest direction for strength.  If your spa cover is installed with  a spa  cover  lift  or  if  you  wish  to  add  a  lift,  the  direction  your  cover  folds  will  be  important.    Fill in your shape measurements with the fold in mind.
      • Cover Design and Taper:  Bi-fold spa covers are tapered 4" to 2" or 6" to 4" for water run off.  Bi-fold is how the majority of all spa covers are ordered.  This design is available up to 99" x 99" in any shape.  Quad-fold spa covers are a flat 4" thick and available up to 99" x 99" in any shape.  Custom covers are available in multiple panels and larger sizes.
      • Template Drawing:  A drawing or template may be required for all irregular shapes such oval, kidney, free form, etc
        By Ordering a cover you are agreeing to our Terms and Conditions.