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Carolina Spa Repair Group is a group of companies that exclusively specializes in Spa & Hot Tub Repairs. Our techs aren't juggling two jobs or focusing on sales (ignoring the repairs until we need to oil the squeaky wheel).


 Our Charleston Department has over 30 years combined experience and offers repair 5 days a week. Our techs work around your schedule when able. Our techs are also licensed in certain areas and our company is well Insured. It is very important to deal with someone that Repairs Spas as their Primary Focus.


There are a lot of components on a spa that can Can Cause injury to the bathers if they are improperly installed. Do you want to risk a fire or harm to your family in the hopes of saving a few bucks? You obviously  care about the people getting in your hot tub or they probably wouldn't be there in the first place, right?

Call us and we will match any verifiable quote from a legitimate "COMPANY" (A licensed corporation with a commercial store/office maintaining at least one million dollars in insurance and made up of more than 3 people).

Our techs have personally been repairing hot tubs and portable or in-ground spas for multiple years. We can repair freeze damaged parts at minimal costs. We will even match a price of a "REAL COMPANY". A REAL COMPANY is not some guy working out of his garage or an uninsured "do it after work" weekender. We stock thousands of dollars in parts in each of our Trucks and have multiple techs. We can have most parts we don't stock within days.

We stock powerful pumps and are happy to add a pump to your existing spa for more power or upgrade your existing system if it will support the upgrade! There are endless possibilities. Make your spa faster, better and more reliable.

We can trouble shoot and replace individual parts BUILT IN to your Spa Pack/Computer board. Our Techs do not become Spa Guy certified until they obtain classroom certification by the Four Largest Operating System Manufacturers on component repairs! Our techs can reset and repair relays, capacitors and stock enough parts ON THEIR TRUCKS to complete most repairs on your spa typically in one trip. We guarantee we will offer you at least one repair option on the first trip or the 2nd trip is free. Limited to certain regions - ask for more details.

We do not recommend changing out the whole pack or entire heaters or pumps unless the rest of the system is in a poor state. There is not a reason to repair a pack or computer or pump if another part is obviously going to fail soon.

Many other work from home unlicensed un-insured individuals out there prefer to replace small components so they will have to come back out and complete another repair in a few weeks or months.

Oh and guess what? Try to find one of our so-called competitors out there that will provide a warranty in writing. Why do we recommend this? Because they don't give you a WARRANTY! If they do - it is only for a month or maybe 3.

Due to our Powerful Negotiating ability we have been able to Negotiate exclusive Warranties for Products we purchase and install.

We provide every customer with up to 5 estimates at no extra charge. 1) Rebuild; 2) Bronze; 3)Silver; 4)Gold and 5)Platinum.

We back our "Get You Going Repair" or Rebuild Repair Package with a 30 to 90 day warranty based on what parts we repair or rebuild (relays on a board, capacitors, coils, contactors, elements, water pumps, blowers, heaters, plumbing, etc);

Our Bronze Repair Package come with a Industry Exclusive 6 month warranty on Parts Replaced!

If you go with our Silver Repair Package you get a 1 to 3 year warranty on all Parts Replaced! Some exclusions apply so ask for details.

Of course our Gold Repair Package is the Number One Selling Package - We warranty ALL COMPONENTS we replace with a full 5 Year Warranty

That's Not ALL! Our premium component replacement package is the PLATINUM REPAIR PACKAGE and you get a LIFETIME WARRANTY on ALL COMPONENTS we replace.

All Part Warrantees are backed by CSG's Warrantee Company - Spa Warranty Services

Anybody can claim they know what they are doing. Only professional Techs back it up with a service guarantee and warranty their work - like we do.

We know our business and stand behind our work with the Best Warranty Programs in the Repair Business.

Find out why so many people choose us for their spa repairs! Not only people -Spa Manufacturers choose us to repair their spas! We currently service 63 manufacturers, dealers and distributors - more than any other company in the SE. Eff.10/2010

Fine Print of Warranty: Any special order parts or non stock items that must be returned to the manufacturer for warranty exchange require the customer to cover shipping costs. Furthermore, a Labor Deductible may apply in some instances or in extended locations. Refer to your invoice or ask the tech for details. We answer the phone 5 days a week. If for some reason, we are inundated with calls and unable to answer your call, leave a brief message and your call will be returned. We strive for 100% customer satisfaction and feel confident we are providing an excellent service at a fair price with the best parts you can purchase.

As a special thank you - we even stock most accessories such as cover lifter butlers, spa tables, towel racks, safety bars and chemicals at very affordable prices and INSTALL THEM FREE with any other service or repair. Need a spa Cover? We can help With the best AMERICAN MADE products available. That's right, when available - we only purchase parts made in the USA. They may cost a little more than cheaply made items coming in from overseas, but the parts we install are AMERICAN PARTS MADE BY AMERICANS FOR AMERICANS!

We offer discounts for AAA, Government, Law Enforcement, USAA, Senior Citizens, and many others. Ask for your discount when scheduling and we will make sure your are taken care of.

Remember, our techs are trained with the latest techniques BY THE MANUFACTURERS in addition to our training. Our techs have access to tech support on site and for our customers protection against improper diagnosis, we require our techs to call in for confirmation of their diagnoses before they suggest a repair. Our techs will complete a diagnostic report upon request.


We want everyone to enjoy their spa. If you cant afford to have it completed and want free troubleshooting help then Post your problem on our Blog at and get free help on repairing your own spa!

888-697-7248 Toll Free 8am-8pm Mon-Sat.

843-647-2102 Mt Pleasant, Awendaw, isle of palms, Sullivan's island, hanahan, West Ashley, North Charleston, James Island, Johns Island, Folly Beach, Downtown
843-771-Spas is 771-7727 Summerville, Ladson, Moncks Corner, Goose Creek

I was asked recently why I felt we deserved a job over our competitor. It took me by surprise; however, it also got me thinking. How does everyone know we are the best option? Only in current or past customers know ..... 1) We are going to answer the phone (6 months down the road) when something goes awry..... and If I don't answer, I will call you back within a day; 2) I am going to come back out and fix whatever is wrong - until you are satisfied; 3) I use the highest quality products and replacement parts; 4) Once a quote is given - it may as well be written in concrete; 5) I am not aware of one unhappy customer (There are over a thousand); 6) Why wouldn't you want a professional to make sure you and your family are safe in your hot tub? (Water + Electricity? hmmmm)

Many people try to fix their own hot tub to save money. You will not believe how many people tell me they installed such and such component because some website or troubleshooting manual said that would fix it - BUT DIDNT. Then you have money invested in parts that didn't resolve the issue and HOURS AND HOURS OF YOUR TIME. Is your time valuable?


Then you have all that aggravation on top of our very fair service fee. Did you know other companies will charge you less for the diagnostic. Why? Because they wont tell you what is wrong. They just tell you how much. We tell you what is wrong and what needs to be replaced. So for our diagnostic fee of $125, you can get an itemized list of items to replace. You will save that on just a few small parts being replaced.

Pump stopped running? You think replacing the pump will fix it? Maybe /maybe not. A customer recently replaced his pump without fixing the relay (the part really bad) and he caused damage to his new pump. the pump manufacturer wouldn't warranty it. Another customer installed a new heater he purchased off the internet for $235 and installed it. Well the repair was just a simple $30 switch. Spas can be very complicated machines - let professionally trained techs handle the repairs and rest assured, we will stand behind our techs work.

IF WE CANT FIGURE OUT WHAT IS WRONG - YOU DONT PAY A DIAGNOSTIC FEE! (Some exclusions apply - if you have questions about the details of our services or guarantees, you must ask when scheduling.)


We Maintain current certifications and accreditation's from multiple major manufacturers and have training on just about all types of repairs.

Licensed plumber and electricians are available to assist on complex jobs, upon request or as required by law. Additional fees may apply.

We are authorized factory service providers for Master Spas, Premium Leisure, Hawkeye, Barefoot Spas, Dynasty Spas, Strong Spas, (All spas purchased from The Home Depot, Costco, Sam's club, Walmart, Lowe's Home Improvement - Infinity Spas, Keys Backyard, Dynasty spas ) and many many more.


We stock common parts needed to make most repairs and can typically have your tub up and running within one visit. Whether it is a motor, pump, blower, turbo, lighting, filtration, maintenance or other issue you don't want to fool with give us a call, we are experienced with all major issues of hot tub failure and can even help instruct you on chemical usage.


Leaks from the shell around jets typically indicate a weakening of the acrylic and possibly indicate a need for a new hot tub. If that is the case, We are setup with local dealers to obtain you a brand new unit at discounted pricing. We can also inspect your tub to give you an estimate of value for resale or for insurance estimation. There is no warranty on leak repairs and we do not provide leak repair on plumbing or shell leaks for anyone except existing customers or those under warranty.


If you want it moved, we can do it with our specialized equipment. Dont' trust your prized possession to someone working under the table and without specialized equipment.


Did you know we are the only company that rents hot tubs in South Carolina? Weekend, Weekly or Monthly, we can deliver, setup and pickup a rental tub for your special event. Prices range from $100 to $500. This service is currently only available in Charleston Metro. 50 mile radius of 29451. Call or email with week you are interested in and we will let you know. In certain cases, we make allowances for rentals in other cities in SC.


Our $249 season opening or closing special includes a plumbing line cleanser, filter cleaning, cover cleaning, spa exterior cleaning, interior scrubbing, complete water removal and preservative applied for protection. This annual service is a must have for someone that wants their spa to last forever. Plus with this service, you become a priority 1 customer and not only get half price service calls, you also get a 72 hour service guarantee!

New assemblies typically run $200 to $300 based on #of stairs and residence construction. A table relocation is more work and can run from $250 to $500 based on complexity and environment. We are experienced with all forms of pool tables and can be trusted to transport and assemble your table with careful and skilled hands.


We have specialized equipment capable of rotating spas vertically or horizontally without damage. We are able to handle up to a ton and 10x10 feet without complications. If at the time of delivery, we determine a crane is necessary, we will set the hot tub as close to the delivery point as possible on blocks so the crane operator can finish the delivery. If needed to assist in the hookup of a hot tub and filling, testing, cleaning and/or chemical instruction - there may be additional charges incurred based on time. Typically $25-$75 per person per hour plus possible overtime charges after hours.


We have a trailer and accessories (as seen at for rent for just $100. Move a spa your self! Some people want to save $ and try it with equipment that isnt made for it. DO NOT RISK INJURY AND DAMAGE. Rent equipment the pros use to move it safely. (A $2000 security hold is placed on your card - released upon return of the equipment.) Watch a video online at  WANT HELP? Rent a Tech for as low as $25 down and $25 hourly to help you move it. (Guidance)


We are familiar with all shower structures available from the internet, china or Lowes/home depot and can assemble any of them. Typical cost to assemble a steam shower ranges from $200 to $500. If you require service on a steam shower, we are just a phone call away. We can assist in water seals, electrical issues, plumbing issues etc. (If a licensed electrician or plumber is required, we can have that handled.) We stock common replacement parts for steam showers and can probably fix your issues in one trip if you can send us pictures and provide some general info over the phone. Remember - the better prepared we are to handle a problem, the less time we invest and ultimately the lower your cost.


We stock typical parts for tanning beds that are interchangeable; however, there are thousands of beds and they all seem to have proprietary parts. We are licensed in two states and certified by 3 manufacturers to provide service and repair to radiation equipment (tanning apparatus). It typically takes one visit to troubleshoot and ascertain whether the bed is nonfunctional due to ballasts, lamps, starters, or other parts. Special order parts can take up to a week to obtain. We are set up with local dealers to provide these units at discounted pricing. Call us or email with the bed you want and we will get them to call you with our pre-negotiated price.


We include drive time and general diagnostics for $125 up to 1 hour included. At which time, a quote will be given. Upon payment in full of said diagnostics, we will provide a list of defective parts. If you decide to fix it yourself based on us telling you what is wrong, you still have to pay the service call fee. If you plan on paying with a credit card you must advise at time of appt scheduling.  If parts are to be shipped to you, payment via credit card in full is recommended and appreciated. We are easy to get along with and obviously want your business and happiness.


1) If you a) pay us to troubleshoot the issue($125); b)purchase the parts thru us; and c) pay our techs labor to install said part, we will warranty the labor on covered parts at 100% for the first 90 days (DAY 1-90). Thereafter, the Labor deductible will increase to $50 hourly and never be higher than $250 for as long as you own the spa. Shipping charges - regardless of time frame are the responsibility of the consumer. The defective part must be exchanged with the manufacturer for a new part and the shipping costs are absorbed by the consumer. (This covers costs incurred in a swap. The fee may be higher based on locale or weight of shipped goods.) ($25 is the average cost of each warranty exchange we processed in the first half of 2008.)

2) If you purchased the parts somewhere else and want us to put them on, we will do so but you will not receive a labor warranty and we will not warranty the part.


We maintain one million commercial business liability insurance and One Million auto liability aggregate insurance. Your product is safe with us!

We have Gone Green too!

Whenever possible, we purchase recycled material for our repairs such as recycled; plastics for our plumbing, wire for our electrical, aluminum for our casings and cardboard. We use only recycled shipping boxes for our shipments.

Our Websites are hosted on a US Server Farm powered by Wind Turbines. 

We always recycle old parts (Even when it costs us to do so!).


We are Americans Doing Our Part to Help America!

 More than Three Quarters of our staff are U.S. Veterans! AS A COMPANY, WE ALWAYS BUY AMERICAN MADE PRODUCTS from Companies located in the USA, whenever available. (ie. 93% of Our Plastics for plumbing come from Charlotte, NC; our wiring and aluminum casings also contain recycled material and are made right here in the USA.  Our Service Vehicles ARE MADE IN THE USA and always Maintained and Operated Efficiently.  


We are committed to our Country and our Economy and take seriously our pledge to Think Globally and Act Locally.



A modern spa is an amazingly complex piece of equipment. It consists of water pumps, heater, air pumps, computers, control systems, Ozonators, fiber optic lighting, sanitation systems, misters, stereo system, TV systems, filters, etc .etc. Learning the basics of Spa Repair will save you thousands of dollars over the life time of your spa.

In this 10 part series we will take you through the most common issues facing a home owner.

Let start with the most common problem; My Spa Is Not Getting Warm.

There could be many different reasons for this;

Your spa filer (s) could be dirty. Most of the time the spa is not heating is simply a matter of removing your existing spa filter, rinsing them with a high pressure hose and re-installing them again. The purpose of the filter is to catch debris. That debris needs to be removed from the filters a couple of times per month. If your spa is not heating and you know that your filters have not been cleaned for a while.... Try it first. Now there is always the chance that your filters are 'beyond all hopes of recovery', in that case, please just go and get new ones. Good filter are important, not only for the heat in your spa, but mainly for your health. The best method for testing this is remove the filters and see if the heat comes on.... If it does, your filter is the culprit

There are situation where the spa filters look perfectly white and clean but they are actually completely clogged. This happens if your spa water has high pH for a while. With high pH come calcium deposits. It is very hard to see, but if you remove your spa filter and the heater turns on,you have a filter issue

Another reason why your spa is not heating could be that your pump is clogged with debris. This could happen if your filter was removed, for even short period of time, and something got sucked into the pump.If you suspect that this has happened, you can either take out your toolbox and attempt to repair is yourself, or call your local spa repair company.

One of the main reasons why your spa is not heating is that your heater is not working.;There are mainly two kinds of spa heaters, gas or electric. Most above ground spa have electric heat. An electrical heating element only last so long. The heating element is in contact with the water all the time. And its lifespan depends on how well the water chemistry has been kept up. For example; if the pH has been too low for a length of time, which means that the water is acidic. Acid eats metal and the heater is made of metal....

Always check your incoming electrical power to the spa. It is very common that the problem is as simple as a tripped circuit breaker. Just turn it back on again. A word of caution here: If you turn the circuit breaker back on and it trips again right away. Call your local Spa Repair Company immediately. You have a problem here. Do not go inside the water until they have repaired it.

The Pump.... A faulty pump will prevent the spa from heating up. The pump circulates the water over the heating element, causing the spa to get warm. If the pump stops the control system will not let the heater turn on.;One of the more common problems with the pump is that the pump seal has broken.Most of the time it is hard to notice this problem early on. It typically starts as a small tiny leak in the pump. The leak is progressively getting bigger and bigger and by the time you see a trickle of water coming out from under the spa, you pump is in bad shape. Sometimes the seal can be replaced, but many times you will have to get a new pump. If you hear a "funny" sound from the pump, call your technician. If you caught it early enough you will have saved yourself $500-$700 typically.

A modern spa consist of a least one pump, and in many cases up to 5 different pumps. Most spas today have 2-3 pumps.

This article will cover some of the basic items regarding Spa Pump Repair

The spa pump performs the following functions:

It circulates the water over the heater in order to heat the water
It circulates the water over the filter in order to keep the water safe and clean
It provides the hydro therapy functions
It provides mist (if a mister is installed)
It distributes ozone throughout the spa water
It distributes the spa chemicals in the water

The pumps, being mechanical pieces of equipment, are likely to be one of the first spa components that you will have to address as your spa gets older. Most of the pump troubles and failures are due to the following reasons

Poor water chemistry maintenance

Failure to early detect signs that the pump is on its way "out".

What do I mean with that? Well, inside the pump between the "dry end" of the pump, the motor, and the "wet end" of the pump, the wet end, is a small ceramic seal. That seal is in constant contact with the water in the spa. And it is therefore susceptible to the condition of the water.

If the spa water is too acidic (below 7.0 pH) the acid in the water will start to eat on the seal. And if that situation continues undetected the seal will develop a small leak. That leak will be a trickle at first and almost impossible to detect. Over time you will start to see a small steady stream of water come out from underneath the spa (=you have trouble).

If you are able to catch the leak at this stage, your repair will probable consist of simply replacing the seal. It will cost you under $200. But, if this leak keeps increasing undetected, your will most likely get into a situation where water is starting to leak in to the motor. The motor will then size up or stop working.

The moral of this story is; If you see just a little bit of water coming out from underneath you spa. Turn off the spa, turn off the circuit breaker feeding the spa and call you Spa Repair Company.

What can you as a home owner do yourself?

Maintain the water chemistry in the spa every week. If you cannot commit to that, then hire spa Service Company. It will safe you lots of money down the road.
Empty, clean and refill the spa at least twice per year
Hire a spa service company to come to your house once per year and to a preventative maintenance checkup. This will cost you around $100, but it is well worth money.

Warning signals to pay attention to;

Small trickle of water coming out from under the spa.
The pump sounds "funny"
The jet's are sluggish

Matts Elmstrom is a senior technician with Precision Spa in Los Angeles. He has extensive experience in helping homeowners minimize the cost of spa repairs This is the first article in a series of 10 about Spa Repairs and what you as a homeowner can do yourself easily.

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