By utilizing our services you agree and bind your self to this agreement the same as if you signed your name hereon. In the event of any dispute, claim, question, or disagreement arising from or relating to our services or the breach thereof, the parties hereto shall use their best efforts to settle the dispute, claim, question, or disagreement. To this effect, they shall consult and negotiate with each other in good faith and, recognizing their mutual interests, attempt to reach a just and equitable solution satisfactory to both parties. If they do not reach such solution within a period of 10 days, then, upon notice by either party to the other, all disputes, claims, questions, or differences shall be finally settled by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association in accordance with the provisions of its Commercial Arbitration Rules. If a dispute arises out of or relates to this agreement, or the breach thereof, and if the dispute cannot be settled through negotiation, the parties agree first to try in good faith to settle the dispute by mediation administered by the American Arbitration Association under its Commercial Mediation Procedures before resorting to arbitration, or some other dispute resolution procedure. Any controversy or claim arising from or relating to this agreement or the breach thereof shall be settled by arbitration administered by the American Arbitration Association or any other national arbitration association recognized by the courts - under its [applicable] Procedures for Disputes, and judgment on the award rendered by the arbitrator(s) may be entered in any court having jurisdiction thereof


Prices are exclusive of that service and must be added to the primary service. Charges shown are for each way (e.g. remove handrail & reinstall handrail will be a total of $50)

Pickup or Delivery of Spas (One leg*) 200      Discounts apply to Standard delivery ****
Removal of handrails/lattice/screen/fence section 25

Reinstallation of fence or handrail section 25

Delivery onto deck with 0-3 steps Included

Delivery onto deck with 4-7 steps (CRANE may be required due to step construction and design)

Delivery onto deck with 8-11 steps (CRANE May be required for this service) 100

Work after 4pm - ADD per hour onsite

Delivery on Weekends  - ADD per hour onsite 100

Deluxe Delivery UPGRADE**- ADD 100  

Rental Equipment - Spa Dolly 100
$2000 Security deposit 
Hot Tub Rentals - Weekly rates from $99
Discounts available based on demand and season
325   $2000 Security deposit 
* - Delivery of new spas to your residence are considered one leg if the dealer from which you purchased the spa loads the spa onto our trailer.  If not, a fee of no less than $50 shall apply.  Pickup of a spa from a residence with delivery to a residence shall consist of two legs.
Service Call fee to show up / per hour on site

**DELUXE DELIVERY: Includes Filtered Water Fill, Balanced Chemistry, Instruction on Use & Care & 2hours free tech support, installation of all purchased accessories along with instructions on usage, installation of cover and locks and removal of all debris as well as connection of electrical feed if previously installed by electrician. Also includes setting computer to most efficient settings as well as instructing customer on features and settings.


NOTE STANDARD DELIVERY includes placing of spa in location, if possible, as desired by customer and brief instructions on care, maintenance and accessories.

Delivery for consumers/ Relocation for consumer

***Decks with 8 or more steps will require crane service in which case we will locate spa as close as possible for crane install - our payment is due in full at this time. We will provide you with contact info for several crane companies in the area; however, we can not arrange the service on your behalf due to insurance constraints.


****RETAIL DISCOUNT Discount applies for payment in full prior to work completion. Prices quoted already have this discount included. Any job not paid prior to completion must be paid in full immediately upon completion. No discount applies if not paid in full and any balance incurs interest and penalties at the maximum amount permitted by law.


$20 or 5% referral fee (Lower Amount) is paid if you refer a person to us and notify us in advance or the customer advises us during our transaction. (Sorry - Does not apply if we are told after we leave the job.)


****DEALER DISCOUNT: For every spa we deliver each month - your discount increases. (e.g. We deliver 20 spas - you get a retroactive 20% rebate on all deliveries that month or 10 spas gets you 10 percent) The rebate can be paid back to you or applied to future deliveries. No rollover discounts. Each months discount is based on that months deliveries. NOTE All deliveries must be paid by 5th of the following month to count towards discount. Max discount is 30 %
Warranty service for a Spa we did not deliver

Service Fees vary based on location of spa, age and condition - please email us with as much info as possible and we will attempt to dispatch our tech with the replacement parts necessary to repair your issue on the first visit.


If you hire us you agree to talk through any disagreement and if that fails you agree to negotiate a compromise. If that fails - you agree to mediation and finally if all else fails binding arbitration is agreed upon by both parties for any conflict arising herefrom. We are easy to get along with and want you happy. If you do not understand please review terms and agreement on main page as well as on the services page.


Initial Service Call Fee (Incl. Drive time and Tech Level 1 labor combined up to 1 hour total) 100

Additional hour - Trained LEVEL 1 Tech labor charges

Additional hour - Trained LEVEL 2 Tech labor charges 50

Equipment testing and return (Items sent to shop) 25

 Warranty exchange fees per item







If you retain our services and we troubleshoot the issue, obtain the parts, and install the parts, we will warranty the labor on those parts at 100% for the first 90 days (DAY 1-90). After which the Labor deductible will increase to $50 for the second 90 days (DAY 91-180). The Labor deductible will then increase to $100 for the remaining portion of the manufacturer’s warranty of the part – as long as you own the spa. This warranty does not include other parts or the corresponding labor involved with those repairs – just for the items we originally changed.  A $25 part exchange processing fee will be charged per manufacturer to swap parts covered under the  manufacturers warranty. (This fee is to help cover our costs incurred in a swap. The fee may be higher based on locale or weight of shipped goods.) You as the spa owner have the right to exchange your own parts with the manufacturer and merely notify us when the new parts are in your possession and ready to be installed. Parts we provided for free are not covered by any warranty.



Upgrade your warranty to Gold and all costs are waived on labor as long as you own the spa for all part replacements whether we replaced them or not*. This is an additional $299 and can be paid in full or via credit card or checking account at the sum of $30 monthly for 12 months. We will also include one site visit to purge the spa of all bacteria and harmful algae growth as well as confirm the ROM updates are operating your spa at its peak efficiency. *Customer will still be required to pay for all parts not replaced or items replaced and not covered under warranty by the manufacturer; however, labor charges will not accrue up to a maximum of 3 free site visits for the life of the warranty – additional onsite calls will be 50% off of the normal rate for as long as you own the spa. Emergency services are not covered under this plan.


Upgrade to Platinum and receive all the benefits of silver and gold as well as a loaner spa if your current spa goes down and we have to wait more than 5 business days for replacement parts. This warranty applies for as long as you own your spa. Included is also one annual site visit where we will drain, clean and purge the interior pipes, jets, pumps and winterize or tune-up your spa for an extended absence or after a big party. Also included is 12 hours of on the phone tech support annually as well as 50% off all labor services we provide.(e.g. Spa moving, tanning bed repair etc.)  You will also receive priority status wherein your service call will be completed the day you request service "Must call in or use our online interactive scheduling agent."  This warranty is an additional $499 and you can pay with our auto pay feature via credit card or Check - monthly at $50 for an additional 10 months or $30 for 20 mo. (After gold package is paid in full) Total payments for 20 x $30 is $600. Limit of 1 free site visit in any rolling 12 month period. (One Additional visit is just $25; then $50 ea. thereafter.)


      Transfer your lifetime Platinum warranty to a new spa purchaser for an additional $99


Before you call us, please note the following: If our techs are on your property, you are paying the aforementioned rate - so please do not delay them on reaching the item quickly - so they can accomplish the goal efficiently - keeping your cost down and getting your spa up and running! If you are talking - they can not concentrate on the job. Please explain the problem and let them get to work. Words do not sum up our gratitude for your help on this.

We are a small network of professional technicians with the proper training. In any instance a tech has instant access to technical support from 6 sources with decades and decades of experience. and of course we each have a million dollar insurance policy and a license.

We vow to always keep you informed of the situtation by email, text or phone call - You are assured of high quality professional service. You can sign up for nightly text/email updates if you like or "Change in status" updates via internet or phone are free.

Based in South Carolina- we can help anywhere in South Carolina, Savannah Ga, and Augusta, GA.

We Maintain current certifications and accreditation's from multiple major manufacturers and have training on just about all types of repairs. I have a licensed master plumber and electrician to assist on complex jobs. We have licensed LPO/LSO techs for commercial applications.

With just about every part needed to make most repairs we typically have your tub up and running within one visit. Due to everchanging prices, we may need to order the part to obtain a lower cost - whether it is a motor, pump, blower, turbo, lighting, filtration, maintenance or other issue you don't want to fool with - give us a call, we are experienced with all major issues of hot tub failure. As a safety net, Effective January 1, our techs will contact the manufacturer to confirm readings and defective part replacement requirements prior to swapping a part. If the manufacturers information is different from our troubleshooting guidelines, the manufacturers data will prevail. There will be no additional charge for this service. Furthermore, the tech has the ability to negate inefficient hours. Our primary focus is to solve the issue and earn a referral. If you are not 100% satisfied with your service please visit and submit a feedback request for immediate action. We want to help with your repair and will even help instruct you on chemical or spa usage.

We offer paid tech support and troubleshooting to those do it yourselfers that are able to operate a test meter and have a basic understanding of plumbing or electricity. You must understand that we will be happy to help and will tell you how to test products and will even ship you the correct parts to fix the issue; however, we can not guarantee the outcome or warranty this work as you (the customer) will be completing it. The fee for this tech support varies based on symptons but is $29.95 to $49.95 and most are completed for the $29.95 rate. With this service - you also get a pro on the phone that will help you through the work and even offer to order the parts for you. What could be easier?

We rent our spa dolly equipment for $100 daily. You can view online videos on operation of the spa dolly system at
We place a $2000 hold on your card which is released upon the safe return of the equipment.


Leaks from the shell around jets typically indicate a weakening of the acrylic and possibly indicate a need for a new hot tub. If that is the case, We are setup with most major manufacturers to obtain you a brand new unit at wholesale pricing. We can also inspect your tub to give you an estimate of value for resale or for insurance purposes. Leaks from lines or fittings are easily repaired but time consuming.


If you want it moved, we can do it with our specialized equipment. Don't trust your prized possession to someone working under the table and without specialized equipment. We have been doing this with a combined experience of 25 years and have the know how to back it up. We will also help you with chemicals on delivery at half of retail as a special thank you for choosing us. Not only that but we even throw in 2 free phone calls for tech support on anything from basic maintenance to chemical issues. That is a $100 value. In this day and age, there are many people out there trying to make a quick buck - who just dont care. Dont risk losing your spa to an unprofessional uncaring person trying to make a quick buck.


New assemblies typically run $300 based on floor and residence construction. A table relocation is more work and can run from $350 to $500 based on complexity and environment. We are experienced with all forms of pool tables and can be trusted to transport and assemble your table with careful and skilled hands. We only have one crew trained specifically on tables - due to their demand - please allow up to 2 weeks notice prior to service or additional charges may apply (based solely on demand and may not always apply). If you would like a pool table dismantled and placed in another part of your home, we are happy to do that as well. The charge is $200 to take it apart and $250 to re-assemble it. If the felt is in good condition, we typically can reinstall the same felt; however, in some cases, the felt tears at which time we can install new felt at a discounted price of $50 (standard green felt - different colors or weight will cost additional)


With specialized equipment capable of rotating spas vertically or horizontally without damage. We are able to handle up to a 2000 pound spa with dimensions of up to 10'x10' without complications. If at the time of delivery, we determine a crane is necessary, our install team will set the hot tub as close to the delivery point as possible on blocks so the crane operator can finish the delivery. If our personnel are needed to assist in the hookup of the hot tub and filling, testing, cleaning and/or chemical instruction - there may be additional charges incurred based on time. Typically $49 per person per hour plus possible overtime charges after 5pm. We are easy to get along with and want to help. If you have a question based on what you have read here - please do not hesitate to contact us for clarification.


Our Shower crew has assembled and or installed 100's of showers in custom homes. We are familiar with all shower structures available from the internet, china or Lowes/home depot. We can assemble any of them. Typical cost to assemble a steam shower is $500 and includes up to 10 man hours on site. If you require service on a steam shower, we are happy to help - there will be a $100 service call fee. In which case, additional fees will begin accruing at the rate of $25 to $100 (normally $50 average) per hour per person. We can assist in water seals, electrical issues, plumbing issues etc. We are continuously purchasing spare parts for steam showers and can probably fix your issues in one trip if you provide our tech with sufficient information when scheduling your service call. Our Steam Shower team will always consist of one licensed tech (level 1) and one journeyman(Level 2 Tech). Said team is authorized to do plumbing other than listed herein; however, you should always ask for a quote prior to any work being completed - if we quote it - we complete it for that quote!


We keep parts for tanning beds due to most items being interchangeable. We are registered for radiation servicing by 3 manufacturers to provide service and repair to tanning apparatus. It typically takes one visit to troubleshoot and ascertain whether the bed is nonfunctional due to ballasts, lamps, starters, or other interchangeable items. Special order parts can take up to 2 weeks to obtain - if you would like to have your apparutus up and running faster, please advise a time frame so we can ensure we meet it. (There may be additional charges for expedited service) We can also get you a tanning bed at a discount - if you decide you want to replace your existing one. We work with a local distributor so there will not be a long wait or damages associated with mail order companies plus you still save several hundred to several thousand dollars.


We charge $100 to show up anywhere in SC and $125 in GA, NC or Tenn. If the diagnostic is complicated or you desire component rebuilding or individual third party testing - instead of component replacements - additional diagnostic fees may apply(this normally equates to $25 per item). Once we complete our diagnostics - we will supply you with multiple options and separate quotes. At which time, you can decide which option to choose. You are required to pay before the techs leave your property. If you decide to complete the repair yourself - based on us telling you what is wrong, you still have to pay the trip and diagnostics fee. If you plan on paying with a check or credit card you must advise us at time of appt scheduling and make payment at that time or an additional fee of 3% will apply. If paying by credit card, you will be required to pay via our encypted payment processing server. With bank level encryption and certified hacker proof daily inspections - you'r transaction is protected and secure. Don't worry - we guarantee we will arrive within 1 hour of our scheduled appointment or you save 10%! (Re-Scheduling counts)


Our company provides the following Warranties:

1) If you a) pay us to troubleshoot the issue; b)purchase the parts thru us; and c) pay us labor to install it , we will warranty the labor on covered parts at 100% for the first 90 days (DAY 1-90) and the Labor deductible will only be $50 for the second 90 days(DAY 91-180). Labor deductible will increase to $100 for the remaining portion of the manufacturer’s warranty of the part - up to 24 months (DAY 181-730). A $25 part exchange processing fee will be charged per manufacturer to swap parts covered under a manufacturers warranty. (This covers costs incurred in a swap. The fee may be higher based on locale or weight of shipped goods.) ($25 is the average cost of each warranty exchange we processed in the past 6 months.)

2) If you purchased the parts somewhere else and want our company to install them, we will do so; however, we did not troubleshoot it and accordingly, do not guarantee your part will work. We will only provide labor at no charge if our company did not install the part correctly and it failed due to said improper installation.

Extended Warranties are available at an affordable price. Just ask the person that schedules your appointments.

We also offer cleaning and maintenance at some of the lowest prices in the industry.

All forms of Credit Cards accepted online and all checks must be made out to "My Spa Guy". You MUST TELL US if you are going to pay with either of these methods at the time you schedule your appointment or additional fees may be charged up to $5 or 3% depending on what it costs to process your payment through a payment guarantee service.

Never make the payment out to a tech unless you speak with someone at our main branch (888-My-Spa-Guy) or you will still be responsible for paying MySpaGuy.


We maintain commercial insurance and auto liability aggregate